Mohan Shyam Sharma (pakhawaj)

manikbig.jpg (61543 bytes)Mohan Shyam Sharma is one of the leading percussionists of his generation.  He has held the distinguished classification of an A-grade Artist of All India Radio since 1987, and has participated in a variety of prestigious local and national radio and television programs in India since that time.  His accomplishments include a wide range of accompanying performances with the leading practitioners of vocal and instrumental music in the ancient Dhrupad style. He has appeared widely in concerts in Europe, Great Britain,  the former Soviet Union, Japan and throughout South Asia. He has appeared on a number of CD recordings on the Jecklin, JVC, Music of the World, Music Today, Nimbus, and Raga labels. He toured the U.S. with Ustad Asad Ali Khan in 1997; with Pandit Ravi Shankar and Shubha Sankaran in 1998; with Wasif Dagar in 2000; and with Wasif Dagar, Bahauddin Dagar, and Shubha Sankaran in 2001. He currently lives in New Delhi.

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